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Linux 4.7

Linux 4.7 kernel has been released. Here’s a recap of some of the biggest features. Radeon RX 480 “Polaris” open-source support. With Linux 4.7 there is all the initial AMDGPU DRM support needed for firing up the RX 480, which can be used in conjunction with the latest Mesa, linux-firmware, and LLVM for having quite […]

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Linux 4.6

Linux 4.6 kernel is out. Now we finally have mainline support for a number of new ARM SoCs and platforms/boards. There are various Radeon and AMDGPU improvements to make the open-source AMD graphics driver stack more stable and robust. Initial NVIDIA GeForce GTX 900 “Maxwell” open-source support. While Pascal is days away from shipping, with […]

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Linux 4.5

Linux 4.5 is out. Let’s see its prominent features. A new tool called UBSAN checks a running kernel for various types of undefined behaviour that can lead to obscure bugs. The new CONFIG_IO_STRICT_DEVMEM option, which blocks access to memory (via /dev/mem) claimed by device drivers, turned out to break booting on some systems, so it […]

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Linux 4.4

A new long time support linux kernel has been released. Let’s see its new feature. This release introduces support of Direct I/O and asynchronous I/O for the loop block device. The advantages to use direct I/O and AI/O on read/write loop’s backing file are: – double cache is avoided due to Direct I/O which reduces […]

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Linux 4.3

Straight to the new features of this kernel. On the processors support there are new ARM SoC support and ARMv8.1 functionality is now integrated. Many updates in the power management of many drivers and Xen new features. On the filesystems part the EXT3 driver has been removed and support for existing EXT3 filesystems will be […]

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Linux 4.2

Here are some of the more interesting changes of this kernel version. The Linux security module stacking patches have been merged, finally giving the kernel the ability to combine security modules in a generic manner. A new packet classifier called “Flower” has been added. With Flower, “you will be able to classify packets based on […]

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Linux 4.1

As you may have already known the headline features in this release include support for encrypted ext4 filesystems, the persistent memory block driver and the ACPI support for the ARM64 architecture. This 4.1 release will also be a LTS release, but there is more… If you are an owner of certain classes of Intel hardware […]

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Linux 4.0

Attention folks we have a major release of linux! Well if the numbers say something to you then you can consider this a major release but in reality it’s just… numbers! This linux release is supposed to be a stable release, the commit log and the changes are not so big and a lot of […]

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Linux 3.19

A new version of linux kernel is out to be compiled and used! Let’s see what news it brings. In the hardware support we see that AMD HSA (Heterogeneous System Architecture) is closer to reality. HSA is a type of computer processor architecture that integrates central processing units and graphics processors on the same bus, […]

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Linux 3.18

Even if one nasty lockup bug, present since last version 3.17, has not been found, Linus decided to go on and release a new kernel version. And here are the relevant changes. Starting with hardware improvements this release added new support for a lot of ARM SoCs (the Tegra based Chromebook is the most notable […]

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