Smartphone war

Things are warming up in the struggle for the smartphone market.
Last friday Microsoft celebrated the forthcoming Windows Phone 7 OS with a [funeral] parade claiming that Apple iPhone is dead or is going to feel sick very soon.
Gartner instead made a prediction stating that at the end of this year Android will overtake all competitors (Windows Phone, iPhone and Blackberry) except Nokia in popularity. But it is going to catch up and beat even the Finnish manufacturer at the end of 2014.
Android will rise to number two (as a smartphone operating system) in terms of global sales, two years before what Gartner had foreseen just one year ago.
This could be good news to Linux addicted people and developers!
I think that Nokia has its own strategy. With the collaboration of Intel and the Linux Foundation is going to have, sooner or later, another Linux distribution for smartphones and other devices… Have a look at the project Meego (there will be a big conference in November).

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