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Linux 2.6.36

Latest news from the linux kernel development. Version 2.6.36 has been released with the curious name “Flesh-Eating Bats with Fangs”. Let’s see the prominent new features it brings. A new architecture is supported: Tile processor from Tilera Corporation. There are improvements in the kernel thread and in the general response times with filesystem (XFS and Ext4) and VFS […]

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Tor: anonymity and privacy

Tor (the onion ring) is an interesting free solution to protect your privacy when browsing the web. Tor is not only a piece of free software (recommended by the Electronic Frontier Foundation) but also a distributed network that bounces your communication around many peers. The communications between these peers are encrypted and every few minutes, […]

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SSL renegotiation

Here is a link to an interesting article from Ivan Ristic about SSL renegotiation, the issue discovered almost a year ago that could lead to MITM attacks: The point is that disabling renegotiation altogether in the web servers (those that do not need it) give no indication of their security status to the different […]

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DLL hijacking

Last August a security researcher found a way to exploit the way dynamic link libraries, in Windows systems, are loaded. More precisely the security issue is in the way these DLLs are resolved, generally by searching for its first appearance in a sequence of directories. If an attacker can put its own implementation of the […]

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