Linux 2.6.36

Latest news from the linux kernel development.
Version 2.6.36 has been released with the curious name “Flesh-Eating Bats with Fangs”. Let’s see the prominent new features it brings.
A new architecture is supported: Tile processor from Tilera Corporation. There are improvements in the kernel thread and in the general response times with filesystem (XFS and Ext4) and VFS optimizations.
New drivers for NVIDIA graphic chips (Nouveau driver) and Fermi chips used in GeForce graphic cards.
New Out-Of-Memory killer, Xen Dom0 support, CIFS local caching, and improved support of infra-red remote controls and receivers.
Also the long-disputed AppArmor security extension, with its Mandatory Access Control, has been added.
Talking about security fixes, a local root privilege escalation has been found in the Reliable Datagram Sockets (it has been there since version 2.6.30). If you can not update immediately use the workaround described here.
Full changelog is available here.

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