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Linux 2.6.38

A new kernel release is out! Let’s see the newest features introduced with this version. Most users were waiting for what is known as “the patch that does wonders” (or automatic process grouping) that I reviewed and tested in November. This should lead to a more responsive desktop experience. What I like most of this release is […]

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Hardware-based attacks

Everytime I’m asked to deploy a new service or a new machine I always think about the strategies to keep them safe about internal and external attacks. This requires extra time in studying, testing and feeling comfortable with a security policy that has to be shared with other system administrators and the software developers. But […]

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Mobile version

Now that I’m an happy owner of a brand new smartphone (yes it’s an Android one, since I had to get rid of my Nokia after the latest news about Microsoft and QT licensing) I’m happy to announce a mobile version of this blog! With its mobile theme it is far more readable and it […]

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