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Linux 3.3

Here we are again, writing about another release of linux, version 3.3. One of the feature everybody in the news is writing about is the inclusion of a number of specific Android drivers. These drivers were previously merged, but soon removed, due to implementation and maintenance issues. There are some feature still missing and, if […]

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Oracle’s non-disclosure security policy

Last week I was surprised to see a not-so-common Debian security update of mysql-5.1 upgrading its version from 5.1.49 to 5.1.61. This is not the way security updates works in Debian: once a security flaw is found, the patch is applied to the current stable release maintaining its version and not by repackaging the latest […]

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ModSecurity and SVS updates

New releases are available of ModSecurity WAF module for apache, updated to version 2.6.4, and samba virus scanner (SVS), version 0.1.4, to be used with Debian Squeeze amd64 port. Minor bugfixes for ModSecurity release but a big leap for SVS, compiled to be used with samba 3.6.3 present in Debian squeeze-backports. Samba 3.6 branch supports […]

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