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Suricata updates

After publishing my latest post, Suricata was updated with minor but important fixes. I had the time to do a new build of libhtp 0.2.11, Suricata 1.3.4 and test them a little. Feel free to use them and report any problem. As I was saying in the previous post, Suricata is compatible with Snort rulesets […]

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Suricata IPS

It has been a long time since the first installation of Snort-inline as my favourite intrusion protection system (IPS for friends). Unfortunately the project was abandoned because the main developers started a new project, writing a new IPS from scratch: Suricata. Snort is probably the most famous intrusion detection system (IDS) but the possibility to […]

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Apache suexec custom

For the few of you that want to run critical services inside a chroot jail I’ve uploaded a modified version of apache2-suexec-custom debian package. Normally this package provides a customizable version of the suexec helper program for mod_suexec and uses a configuration file (typically in /etc/apache2/suexec/) to give the possibility of proper personalization. Recall that […]

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