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vsftpd for Debian Wheezy

vsftpd is a secure, fast and reliable FTP server. It is widely used by major open source and free software companies and critical internet sites. I have updated its version to 3.0.2 for debian wheezy because version 2.3.5 in standard repositories is a little buggy to me. If you want to restrict your users in […]

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ModSecurity for Debian Wheezy

With this post I am officially starting to support debian next stable version 7 (due for release in January or February), codename wheezy. Let’s start with a major update for ModSecurity apache module and its Core Rule Sets. With version 2.7.1 this free web application firewall will help you protect your web applications from a […]

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Linux 3.7

An early Christmas present from Linus has just been released, to let us play with a new toy during “the main commercial holiday of the year”. Big changes in the ARM architecture with its “multi-platform” support (the ability to build a single 32bit ARM kernel image able to run on various processors) and the introduction […]

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Barnyard2 and Suricata updated

New important bugfix releases of Barnyard2 1.11 and Suricata 1.3.5. This version of Barnyard2 breaks compatibility with PostgreSQL 8.4. Version 9.1 from Debian squeeze-backports should be used. For Suricata we have an important memory leak fix in the flow engine. No updates were issued for libhtp. I’ve started installing and using few Debian wheezy servers […]

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