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Bacula-web multiple catalog support patch

Bacula is one of the best enterprise level, open and free software backup solutions. It’s built and used in heterogeneous environments supporting Linux, UNIX, Windows and Mac OS X backup clients. It can be used with a range of professional backup devices including tape libraries. Its back-end is a catalog of information stored by MySQL, […]

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Xen locking patch

Xen is a well known hypervisor, an open source scalable virtualization platform, widely used in many enterprise environments and is the foundation of many commercial products. It is based on Linux and can provide full virtualization or paravirtualization. Full virtualization is typically used for Windows guest machines (called Dom0) with the help of what is […]

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Memcached UDF for MySQL

Caches are important. There are caches everywhere, in the operating system for processes, for memory access, for filesystem and disk access. There are caches in every software daemon, in every service they provide. And we deal with cache services every single time we use a computer and internet services; even this blog has its own cache. […]

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