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ModSecurity and CRS updates

Another small upstream update of ModSecurity web application firewall (version 2.7.2) and its core rule sets (version 2.2.7). I managed to build debian packages for squeeze and wheezy releases. They are almost bugfix releases, so no big changes. Remember to update your own rules with a unique ID or you won’t be able to use […]

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Linux 3.8

Another release of Linux! So welcome Linux 3.8! With this release we have the usual mix of small and big changes. Let’s see few of them! To simplify maintenance and ongoing development, the kernel developers have removed support for Intel 386 CPUs which was extremely widespread more than 20 years ago. It was on a […]

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Postfix quota support

Postfix is one of the most used free and open source mail transfer agent (MTA), built to be an alternative to Sendmail. It aims to be fast, easy to administer and secure. Around 24% of the publicly reachable mail servers on the Internet run it. Postfix is used as a SMTP server and, combined with […]

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Nagios plugin: scheduled downtime

Nagios is another enterprise-class, free open source monitoring tool that enables organizations to identify and resolve IT infrastructure problems. Designed with flexibility in mind it can monitors hosts, services and network devices thanks to its core server and deployable agents on heterogeneous platforms. If a monitored resource is not working properly, Nagios can send different […]

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