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Oracle Database Express Edition

Another piece of non-free software that someone may find useful when starting to play with Oracle databases. I have converted and modified the original RPM of Oracle Express Edition 11g release 2 to a debian archive to be installed on squeeze and wheezy releases. Be aware that Oracle XE can be installed on any size host […]

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Tivoli TSM client

Ok this is not free software but I think someone using debian will find this useful. I have converted and modified IBM Tivoli Storage Manager client version from its original RPM files to debian archives, ready to be installed on squeeze and wheezy releases. I don’t think I have to describe what TSM is […]

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Apache suexec chroot updates

It’s really a busy time for me and, for the fourth day in a row, I’m doing another update of debian packages. This time it’s about a modified version of apache suexec that supports a chroot environment. I have already talked about it in a previous post so I’m not going through it again. Updated […]

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Postfix VDA updates

All stable versions of Postfix have been recently updated to address an incorrect procedure for SMTP client and server that used to compute bogus TLS certificate public key fingerprints (thanks to OpenSSL documentation). In my opinion everyone should update its Postfix version to fix this serious issue. I have updated my VDA patched version 2.9.6 […]

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Barnyard2 updates

Following yesterday’s Suricata updates I’m glad to release the updated version 1.12 of Barnyard2, the unified2 log parser. Barnyard2 packages are now available for both debian squeeze and wheezy releases. This completes the bundle of software required to use Suricata in a production environment. Enjoy!

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New Suricata packages

It’s time to upgrade Suricata to its new 1.4.x branch! The biggest new features of this release are: – Unix Socket support – IP Reputation support – addition of the Luajit keyword. Each of these new features are still in active development and should be approached with some care. The 1.4 release improves performance and […]

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