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Linux 3.9

What’s new in Linux 3.9? Let’s see the prominent features of this release. The device mapper framework includes a cache target called dm-cache that enables a drive to be set up as a cache for another storage device (for example an SSD as a cache for a classic hard drive). Thanks to this feature frequently […]

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ModSecurity updated

A new release of ModSecurity, the well known web application firewall for the apache web server, is available for download for both debian squeeze and wheezy releases. Version 2.7.3 is a bugfix only update.

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grsecurity enabled kernel for wheezy

Debian wheezy is almost ready to be released and here there are another bunch of packages to help you with your security and hardening tasks. You can try and install a grsecurity enabled kernel with headers and sources (linux version 3.2.42 and grsecurity version 2.9.1-201303292017). This kernel has been built with DISABLE_PAX_CONSTIFY_PLUGIN enabled, essentially to […]

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