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ModSecurity 2.7.4

Just releasing the latest version of ModSecurity Apache WAF for debian squeeze and wheezy! This is a maintenance release with bug fixes and an important security fix for a remote null pointer dereference (CVE-2013-2765) that could lead to a crash of ModSecurity and to a possible DOS. After the IIS version, now ModSecurity is available […]

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grsecurity updates for debian wheezy

After the local privilege escalation bug of the so called perf events (CVE-2013-2094) and after the working exploit by spender (Bradley Spengler, grsecurity author and maintainer), I rushed to release an updated and non vulnerable grsecurity enabled kernel for debian wheezy. This will update your kernel to version 3.2.45 with grsecurity stable version 2.9.1-201305251007 and […]

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Bacula 5.2.6 for OSX

If you, like me, dislike TimeMachine backups and need something more reliable for your precious data, here is a new Apple OSX package of Bacula client version 5.2.6. This Bacula release is for Intel versions of OSX (32 and 64 bit) and is meant to let you update your backup clients using the same version […]

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Libhtp 0.2.12

Suddenly, don’t know how, I realized I didn’t compiled last Suricata version with the latest libhtp. This release, which includes debian packages for squeeze and wheezy, is meant to fix my apparent laziness. Libhtp is updated to version 0.2.12 and Suricata has been rebuilt against it. Go test it!

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Samba virus scanner for wheezy

As I promised this is another debian stable update! SVS is a small library, precisely a Samba VFS (Virtual File System) plugin, able to do an on-access virus scan of your shares using the Clamav antivirus. It is called Samba Virus Scanner and I have just released a compiled version, though not a package, for […]

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Barnyard2 1.13

This is a release update of Barnyard2 packages, the unified2 log parser. Version 1.13 is a bugfix release only and my debian packages are for squeeze and wheezy releases. I have tested them a little and everything should be fine, even the new package dependencies. Stay tuned since I’ll drop other updates regarding the new […]

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Debian “Wheezy” 7.0

A new stable release of Debian version 7.0, codename Wheezy, is out! After more than two years of constant development we have a brand new free and universal operating system! Probably the main features of this release are the one stated in the very first lines of the release announcement: “This new version of Debian […]

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