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Nginx with ModSecurity and NGX_Pagespeed

As I promised few days ago I am releasing a new Nginx debian package that enables the possibility to use Google’s Mod_Pagespeed. Nginx, as you already should know, is a small, powerful, scalable web and proxy server. Nginx-extras packages of version 1.2.1 in debian wheezy have been integrated with ngx_pagespeed version But there was another […]

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Suricata 1.4.3

A quick post about the availability of Suricata IDS/IPS updated and packaged to version 1.4.3 for both debian squeeze and debian wheezy. This is a small but important update fixing some important bugs.

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Mod_Pagespeed is an open source Apache 2.2 and 2.4 module designed by Google to help speed up websites reducing page load time. Quoting from the main page of this project, this server module “automatically applies web performance best practices to pages, and associated assets (CSS, JavaScript, images) without requiring that you modify your existing content […]

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grsecurity updates for debian squeeze

This time I am releasing an update for the oldstable debian squeeze systems. This update regards security and stable fixes of grsecurity enabled kernel version It includes a backport of DRBD functionalities and grsecurity version 2.9.1-201306102216 with updated settings. You are encouraged to update as soon as you can!

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Instant Nagios Starter (book review)

I recently got a review copy of Instant Nagios Starter e-book written by Michael Guthrie (a lead developer at Nagios enterprises) and published by Packt Publishing. It’s a small book stuffed with a lot of details on how to install (compiling the sources) a recent version of Nagios (3.5.0) and start using this powerful monitoring […]

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Memcached MySQL’s UDF and Repcached

…and another debian wheezy release is ready for you! This time I managed to update MySQL user defined functions (UDF) to be used for Memcached integration. This release is always version 1.1, as the oldstable one, but it has been built against MySQL 5.5.x (though it’s not a debian package but a tar.gz you have […]

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Suricata 1.4.2

This is another build for debian squeeze and debian wheezy of Suricata intrusion detection and prevention system. Version 1.4.2 is a bugfix release with minor improvements. These builds come along with libhtp version 0.2.13.

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