Instant Nagios Starter (book review)

I recently got a review copy of Instant Nagios Starter e-book written by Michael Guthrie (a lead developer at Nagios enterprises) and published by Packt Publishing.
It’s a small book stuffed with a lot of details on how to install (compiling the sources) a recent version of Nagios (3.5.0) and start using this powerful monitoring tool within hours.
It doesn’t contain all the tedious details of the entire Nagios world, but it will point to the right direction any system administrator that may have never heard about this tool.
Along with examples on how to start monitoring hosts and services (active and passive checks and with the help of remote agents) I appreciated the emphasis on the importance of the alerting system. Too many repeated alerts will bring the incident response team not to trust this tool: this is why a properly configured alerting system is essential.
This book will teach you how to start using Nagios and will give you a lot of external references to let you deal with all the details of this huge free and open source project.

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