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Suricata 1.4.5

Since last Suricata updates, a few but important bugs, regarding various IPv6 protocols parsing, were fixed. I’ve managed to build new packages and test them a little. You can download Suricata 1.4.5 for debian squeeze and debian wheezy in my repositories and test them too.

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Suricata 1.4.4 and libhtp 0.2.14

Another bugfix release for Suricata IDS/IPS debian packages. These packages have been updated and compiled against libhtp version 0.2.14 which is also available for download in my repositories. I also fixed a compile dependency problem against coccinelle wich was previously missing in my build environment. I tested them a bit and you can safely download […]

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Zero Day: The Threat In Cyberspace (book review)

I recently got a review copy of Zero Day: The Threat In Cyberspace e-book written by Robert O’Harrow as a special report by The Washington Post. This is a compilation of Washington Post articles on cybersecurity, with the added bonus of being re-formatted for the electronic market (it has cross-links and extra materials). I can confirm this […]

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ModSecurity OWASP CRS 2.2.8

This is an important update of the ModSecurity Core Rule Set with a lot of bug fixes! My debian packages are up-to-date and dependencies for the wheezy version now no longer requires Apache. This package can be installed as a standalone: you can now choose to use Apache or Nginx web server. Please keep in […]

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Linux 3.10

Linus released a new version of Linux after what it seemed a not-so-calm release cycle. Do you remember Linus writing “I’m going to call you guys out on, and try to come up with new ways to insult you, your mother, and your deceased pet hamster“? 🙂 Anyway let’s see what this kernel release brings […]

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