Zero Day: The Threat In Cyberspace (book review)

I recently got a review copy of Zero Day: The Threat In Cyberspace e-book written by Robert O’Harrow as a special report by The Washington Post.
This is a compilation of Washington Post articles on cybersecurity, with the added bonus of being re-formatted for the electronic market (it has cross-links and extra materials).
I can confirm this book’s target is really the layman. In fact it’s easy to understand. On the other side this report’s focus is not Everyman. The focus of the possible threats are not our own computers, but the huge megacentres that runs our life, whether we know about them or not (power plants, hospitals and so on).
There’s enough talk on cyberwars and what the government is doing to protect us. I was surprised to discover there’s a special search engine that looks for SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition). There’s a crawler that goes searching for this kind of “machines”; every time the crawler finds a new, exposed machine on the web (where they shouldn’t be), it will add this new info into its database.
This is the kind of books that should wake us up. We should be watching keenly over the shoulders of all vendors to be sure security isn’t weakened by the human link: greed and carelessness.

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