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Suricata 1.4.6 for Debian

A new version of Suricata has been pushed to my Debian squeeze and wheezy repositories. This is a bugfix only release and you are encouraged to update as soon as you can.

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grsecurity for Debian 7

Holidays are over and it’s that time of the year again: a new stable release of grsecurity stuff! Who is in the need to secure its Debian 7 Wheezy machines (amd64 port only) can do it, almost easily, downloading my pre-compiled packages. Please understand that grsecurity is not a toy that will work just out […]

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My own personal Debian repository

Today I am announcing the availability of my personal public Debian repository. In fact there are two different repositories: one for the old-stable Squeeze release and one for the current stable Wheezy release. If you have been using my Debian packages before, you knew you had to download them one by one. Now, after configuring […]

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Linux 3.11

Let’s celebrate the 20th anniversary of Windows for Workgroups 3.11 release with the list of prominent features this new “Linux for Workgroups” kernel brings! Big changes in the filesystem area with improved support and features for Btrfs, EXT4, XFS and F2FS, preliminary support for NFS 4.2 (with also full support for SELinux) and experimental support […]

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