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grsecurity 3.0 for Debian

There’s a new grsecurity enabled kernel for our beloved debian stable 7 (wheezy) that is ready to be installed! In my repositories you can find grsecurity version 3.0-201404131252 applied to the stable linux kernel release 3.2.57. There are a couple of noteworthy changes: – CONFIG_SECCOMP_FILTER: enables tasks to build secure computing environments defined in terms […]

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Suricata 2.0 for Debian

Finally Suricata 2.0 is out! There are a lot of new features and changes that you can read in the release notes. My job here is to provide a simple way to let you use Suricata on debian, so I’ve built new packages for debian 7 stable release (wheezy). Since debian oldstable version 6 (squeeze) […]

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