ModSecurity 2.8.0 and Mod_Pagespeed for Debian

I’m happy announce the release of a major update of ModSecurity!
Debian packages for version 2.8.0 have been built for Apache and Nginx.
Along with the web server module there is also an updated package for the OWASP core rule set (version 2.2.9).
The nginx-extra package, along with the new ModSecurity release, contains also an updated version ( of NGX_Pagespeed.
I managed to update and release a new version ( of Mod_Pagespeed for Apache.
The ModSecurity Apache module and its CRS are for debian stable (wheezy) and oldstable (squeeze).
The Nginx and Mod_Pagespeed updates are for debian stable only.
As always you can download individual packages or point your apt-get to my repositories!

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