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grsecurity 3.0 updates

After the recently discovered linux vulnerabilities I thought it was time to do a new grsecurity enabled kernel release. Also Giana reported to me an issue about iSCSI and asked for the possibility to add a group in the whitelist for procfs restrictions. Doing so it would mean enabling full access to procfs to only […]

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Suhosin 0.9.36 for Debian

A new release of suhosin, part of the hardened-php project, is ready for you to download, install and use. Download version 0.9.36 directly or use my debian repository. Please read the changelog to see what’s new in this version. There’s something I want to share with you that is related to this release. I had trouble deploying a Symfony […]

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Linux 3.15

For the first time of the new development model of linux there has been an overlap during the week preceding this release: the merge window of version 3.16 has been opened after the last release candidate of version 3.15. It’s not a behaviour we will see for every new release from now on, but something […]

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