Suhosin 0.9.36 for Debian

A new release of suhosin, part of the hardened-php project, is ready for you to download, install and use. Download version 0.9.36 directly or use my debian repository.
Please read the changelog to see what’s new in this version.
There’s something I want to share with you that is related to this release.
I had trouble deploying a Symfony application on one debian server with strange segmentation faults from its apache child processes. When I disabled the suhosin extension everything worked flawlessly.
So I started asking around about my issue to Symfony and PHP folks. Well, what I’ve found out is that really few developers know about this project and who does is convinced that suhosin is no longer developed and considered deprecated because the new releases of PHP make it obsolete.
I had no doubt that Stefan Esser, the mind behind this great project, would have found the time to solve my little mystery (at the beginning I was thinking it was just me doing something wrong). But what I discovered in my quick inquiry into part of the PHP community was not what I expected…
Anyway suhosin is alive and kicking!
If you have any trouble report an issue to the github page of the project: Sfefan will be happy to help you.
Spread the word and use this protection system to improve the security of your PHP systems and applications!

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