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PHP-Suhosin for Debian

This is a hotfix release due to some bugs as stated in the short changelog: “This hotfix release changes the newly introduced array index blacklist to not block ‘-‘ by default due to incompatibilities with widely used software. Also, the version string shows ‘’ now (without ‘-dev’).” Please upgrade your packages and be sure to […]

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Suricata 2.0.5 for Debian

A bugfix update for libhtp 0.5.16 and Suricata 2.0.5 has been released for our beloved debian stable wheezy. I recommend you to upgrade since the bugs fixed were nasty and could lead to segfaults in some conditions.

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Linux 3.18

Even if one nasty lockup bug, present since last version 3.17, has not been found, Linus decided to go on and release a new kernel version. And here are the relevant changes. Starting with hardware improvements this release added new support for a lot of ARM SoCs (the Tegra based Chromebook is the most notable […]

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Suhosin 0.9.37 for Debian

A new release of Suhosin, a security PHP extension, is available for debian wheezy! Please take few minutes to read the changelog of this version. This debian package will try to install and update the new configuration file. It’s now really well documented so I advise you to do so. The old configuration file will […]

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