Suhosin 0.9.37 for Debian

A new release of Suhosin, a security PHP extension, is available for debian wheezy!
Please take few minutes to read the changelog of this version.
This debian package will try to install and update the new configuration file. It’s now really well documented so I advise you to do so. The old configuration file will be renamed so you can always see what was your previous configuration until you manually delete this file.
This new configuration file is provided as is and everything is disabled, even the extension itself. To enable it you have to uncomment the first line of /etc/php5/mods-available/suhosin.ini file:


and run this command (if you are updating from my previous package you can skip this step):

php5enmod suhosin

You have to manually reload your apache configuration. This is because you can upgrade your production servers without having to rush and test your configuration before applying it.
It is recommended that you test this extension before putting it in production.
Remember that there is a useful suhosin.simulation directive that permits to log violations without blocking your applications.

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