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Linux 4.0

Attention folks we have a major release of linux! Well if the numbers say something to you then you can consider this a major release but in reality it’s just… numbers! This linux release is supposed to be a stable release, the commit log and the changes are not so big and a lot of […]

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grsecurity 3.1 for Debian

This could be my last update for debian wheezy of grsecurity since jessie is almost ready and I’m planning to upgrade as soon as I can. Anyway this 3.1 release updates the longterm stable branch of linux kernel to version 3.2.68 with grsecurity 3.1-20150402182. Also its userland tool, gradm, has been updated to version 3.1-201503211320. […]

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Suricata 2.0.7 for Debian

It took me a while but here is my debian stable (wheezy) packaged version of libhtp 0.5.17 and suricata 2.0.7. This is a bugfix release so you are encouraged to upgrade as soon as you can (maybe after a little bit of testing). Take your time to review the changelog.

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