Linux 4.0

Attention folks we have a major release of linux!
Well if the numbers say something to you then you can consider this a major release but in reality it’s just… numbers!
This linux release is supposed to be a stable release, the commit log and the changes are not so big and a lot of new stuff have waited the opening of the merge window for 4.1 (and it seems it’s going to be huge).
The most significant new feature is the foundation code for live kernel patching, which allows critical bugs to be fixed on production servers without rebooting the kernel. This feature represents years of collaboration between the kGraft and Kpatch initiatives from SUSE and Red Hat, respectively.
In addition to the various drivers added and the bug fixes here is a short list of the main new features:
– Intel Quark SoC x86 platform support and many new ARM platform support;
– improvements for XFS, Btrfs and VirtIO 1.0 support for virtual devices;
– dm-crypt encryption mechanism scalability improvements;
– addition of lazytime, a file system mount option that improves system performance;
– kernel address sanitizer for detecting memory issues in the kernel;
– new DRM drivers and other improvements.
Don’t forget to have a look at the changelog.

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