Linux 4.3

Straight to the new features of this kernel.
On the processors support there are new ARM SoC support and ARMv8.1 functionality is now integrated. Many updates in the power management of many drivers and Xen new features.
On the filesystems part the EXT3 driver has been removed and support for existing EXT3 filesystems will be handled by the EXT4 driver. There was some debate whether to nuke the EXT3 driver but in the end it was proved that EXT4 can reliably handle EXT3 filesystems without breaking compatibility
Many other fixes for EXT4, XFS, F2FS and Btrfs.
In the Graphics part there are many Intel changes and the Intel Skylake Graphics “Gen9” are enabled by default.
Initial support for the AMD R9 Fury “Fiji” graphics processors has been merged. However, this initial support doesn’t yet have any re-clocking / power management so the performance remains quite slow for now. You’ll also need to be on Mesa 11.0+ for using the AMDGPU accelerated graphics.
A big rework of the Nouveau DRM driver has been done for NVIDIA graphics support. There’s also been some re-clocking improvements for select GPUs and other changes.
OpenGL 3.3 support for VMware has been included. With the Linux VMWgfx kernel driver plus Mesa 11.0+, when using VMware Workstation 12 there will now be OpenGL 3.3 support exposed to Linux guest VMs rather than OpenGL 2.1.
As always various input driver were updated.

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