Linux 4.7

Linux 4.7 kernel has been released. Here’s a recap of some of the biggest features.
Radeon RX 480 “Polaris” open-source support. With Linux 4.7 there is all the initial AMDGPU DRM support needed for firing up the RX 480, which can be used in conjunction with the latest Mesa, linux-firmware, and LLVM for having quite suitable open-source support for this newly launched graphics processor.
A number of new ARM platforms are now supported.
The Schedutil governor for the CPUFreq scaling driver is new and holds potential for making better CPU frequency scaling decisions based upon scheduler utilization data.
Async discard is now supported by the core block code.
Support for various Corsair and ASUS keyboards, among other new peripheral support in Linux 4.7.
The Microsoft Xbox One Elite Controller is now supported by the mainline Linux kernel.
Top features of 4.7:
– Support for Radeon RX480 GPUs
– Parallel directory lookups
– New ‘schedutil” frequency governor
– Histograms of events in ftrace
– perf trace calls stack
– Allow BPF programs to attach to tracepoints
– EFI ‘Capsule’ firmware updates
– Support for creating virtual USB Device Controllers in USB/IP
– Android’s sync_file fencing mechanism considered stable
– LoadPin, a security module to restrict the origin of kernel modules
Have a look at the full changelog.

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