Debian “Squeeze” 6.0

The new stable release of Debian, codename Squeeze, is out and is available for download in many flavours.
Alongside Debian GNU/Linux, a technology preview introduced the project Debian GNU/kFreeBSD, which means that now is possible to use this rock solid operating system with a BSD kernel and ZFS as filesystem.
Debian is available in nine different hardware architectures, it has more than 29000 packages and is translated in 70 languages. That’s why its motto is “the universal operating system”!
Every software has been updated from web to database servers, desktop environments (KDE 4.4.5) and there is a faster and more reliable dependency based boot system. The default kernel installation has been stripped out of all the proprietary firmware used by different hardware vendors, but they are still available (until these manufacturers don’t change their minds about this) as separate packages in the non-free section.
The Debian Volatile archive (very useful for softwares that need to be updated frequently like antivirus engines) is discontinued starting from this release and it is replaced by the suite squeeze-updates on the official mirrors.
Here’s the release announcement.
Are  you ready to upgrade to the new stable? Anyway you don’t have to rush since you have time until February 2012. One year after the new stable has been released Debian will stop making security and bugfix updates for the oldstable release. So you have one year of time to test the upgrade for your critical systems.
The next stable release will probably take another two years of development and will be called Wheezy.

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